Madi Mena

About Madi Mena

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Transaction Coordinator

Madi Mena is our Transaction Coordinator. Madi brings with her 5 years of Real Estate experience, including 4 years of Transaction Coordination, property management and listing management. Madi has been working diligently on improving the services that we provide from the TC position. Our goal is to save you time and restore peace of mind during your transactions!

Transaction Coordination Services


  • Generate all listing documents to include; Exclusive Right to Sell, Agency Disclosures, Affiliated Business Disclosures.
  • Input listing data into MLS (data to be provided by Listing Agent)
  • The MLS does not have spellcheck for the agent remark section; double check all spelling and grammar.
  • Upload and arrange photos in MLS (photos to be provided to TC)

When Purchase Contract is Fully Executed

  • Send introductory email out to all parties, including Buyer/Seller
  • Review contract and docs for accuracy. Call out any needed corrections
  • Send executed contract to Lender if we represent the Buyer
  • If a copy of the EMD is not provided, be sure to ask when and how it will be obtained.
        Once received, be sure the lender has a copy as well .
  • Order Title
  • Once the commitment is complete; verify for accuracy and deliver to our Buyer/Seller for review. Assist in clearing title accordingly.
  • Follow up weekly, or as necessary with agents, lenders, buyers, sellers and title company who are involved with the sale. Make sure that everything is completed in a timely manner and that we will be closing on time. If for some reason the projected contract date changes, draft addendum as necessary and get executed by all. Do not allow the contract to expire! Confirm and clear all contingency dates or terms
  • Prepare/complete Greensheet if KW Agent. Arrange DotLoop specific to that brokerages compliance review expectations and submit for review so that payment to the agent is not delayed.


  • Once the loan has been cleared to close by lender and any/all buyer or seller requirements are met send out a formal closing confirmation to all parties with date, time and location. Will attach and include any invoices, addendums or changes so that all parties have the same information.
  • Once real estate docs/closing statements are available for review; check this info against what we have in the file. (Accuracy of commission, compliance, occupancy, water escrows etc. )
  • Send reminder email to buyer or seller regarding items needed at closing. Be sure to outline the time, date and location of closing again.
  • Send email to buyer with information on transferring utilities (when representing buyer)

After Close of Escrow:

  • Obtain Final Closing Statement and Closing package from Escrow
  • Review Dotloop and upload all items for Compliance to review


  • TC does not schedule inspections (unless specifically requested)
  • TC does not execute Listing or Purchase Agreements.
  • Throughout the transaction TC’s will ensure that everything is being logged into Dotloop. Compliance department will be notified as soon as documents are uploaded and are typically reviewed in 24-48 hours