Livingston Title Agency and State Street Title Agency are jointly owned companies. Livingston Title was established in 2000, with State Street being established in 2005. As sister agencies, Livingston Title and State Street function, collectively, as one company. The combined force allows us to provide professional title services to a wide range of Michigan counties.

Chances are good you entered our site because you are contemplating a land transaction; a transaction that creates numerous questions and concerns. And this stands to reason, as a land transaction is a multi-step process. Title insurance is a vital step in this process, a step that affords peace of mind to the insured.

A title insurance policy, like most forms of insurance, is designed to protect against the unexpected. A search of the public records will determine who owns the land, as well as any encumbrances affecting the land, such as mortgages, restrictions, or easements. Generally, the title policy will insure against claims based on non-disposed interests reflected by the records, interests which may challenge ownership to the land, or which may proclaim lien rights to the land. A title policy also insures against matters such as fraud and forgery, conditions that are usually undetectable on the face of the document.

Insurance is a pragmatic decision. It makes sense for an owner to acquire insurance. It makes sense for a lender to acquire insurance. Without it, the purchaser, or lender, would be left to fend for themselves in the event of a challenge. Additionally, you will most likely need direction at different points of your transaction.

Livingston Title and State Street are grateful for the opportunity to provide this direction, and to provide the title services you require. We invite you to explore our site, which includes an introduction to our team, a running blog series, and much more.